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Thompson General Construction

Oil/Chemical Storage Facility Foundations

TGCi specializes in the design and construction of oil storage facility (tank) foundations of all types. If your project includes one or more storage facilities we can help.

Thompson General Construction


TGCi specializes in all types of excavations. Experienced in all soil types, TGCi accurately estimates job costs and scheduling, completing projects effectively and under budget. From pipeline trenching to firewater ponds, drilled footings, and formation excavation, TGCi exceeds all OSHA safety requirements and holds a perfect safety record.

Thompson General Construction

Concrete Forming

With over 50 years of experience in concrete work, TGCi builds a lasting product, designed to the customer’s specifications. Working with engineering teams, TGCi has successfully constructed pipe supports, concrete support beams and aprons, and concrete foundations.  Other concrete work includes, stanchion supports, pumps, compressors, heaters, and tower foundations. TGCi’s expertise allows them to consult on a wide range of concrete applications from new structures to concrete repair.

Thompson General Construction

Dirt Work

Thompson General Construction, Inc.’s experience with all types of soil consistencies gives customers confidence in all project outcomes. Able to correctly identify soil’s plasticity levels, compaction rates, and moisture content, TGCi creates an economical yet durable product. TGCi’s capability in this area includes grading, secondary containment systems, loading and hauling, backfilling, compacting, and pipe embedment. TGCi is an excellence source for access and service road construction, TGCi’s expertise extends to maintaining project roadways in vehicle access areas around the project for light to heavy-duty equipment throughout the life of the project.

Thompson General Construction


Working in a safe and healthful environment can stimulate innovation and creativity and result in increased performance and higher productivity. It is the policy of Thompson General Construction, Inc. that every employee and all property is entitled to maximum protection from controllable hazards.  This company is totally committed to safety and loss control and it is our intention that each employee shall work under the safest conditions possible. TGCi must comply with all safety regulations implemented by federal, state, and local agencies. TGCi is also committed to maintaining a safety culture for the benefit of customers, our communities, and our families.

Thompson General Construction / Adverse Conditions

Adverse Conditions

As a general contractor in the greater Houston area, Thompson General Construction, Inc. has experience working in adverse conditions. Site Safety Plans include all aspects of working conditions from extreme heat and cold to inclement weather conditions of drought and wet. TGCi is also adept in working confined spaces and congested areas. Through all adverse working situations, TGCi continues to perform on schedule and under budget, keeping the job on track.

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